Advocates can assist you in a number of ways and help provide...




Crisis Advocates

Trained Advocates are available 24/7 through our crisis hotline. They can provide support and information to survivors as well as friends and family members. Common questions/information addressed on the crisis line include:

Contact 1-800-886-7273 to speak to an advocate. If you have a life threatening emergency please dial 911 for assistance.

Hospital Advocates

Provide a constant and calming presence during the sexual assault exam at the hospital. They provide information about reporting, what to expect during the process and help connect survivors to additional referrals when needed.

Advocates will also supply:

Legal Advocacy

Sexual assault is a pervasive crime that affects women, men, and children across Texas. The criminal justice system can be a daunting process for survivors of sexual assault. The realities of the system are unknown by most, and the process can be overwhelming. While final decisions about how a case proceeds are not always in the control of the survivor, active advocate involvement from reporting to sentencing can help to ensure that survivors’ voices are heard and their rights upheld throughout the process. Survivors deserve informed confident advocates that can help guide and support them through the legal system and protect their interests. The Turning Point provides trained advocates to assist throughout the process. The following are ways in which we can help.

If you need legal advocacy assistance contact our office during buisness hours (9:00a-5:00pm M-F) or email

*Legal advocacy should not be confused as a substitute for legal counsel. Legal advocacy is not legal advice, but a trained professional that can assist in obtaining advise from appropriate parties as well as supporting the survivor and advocating for their needs.