EPIC Partners


EPIC Partners are individuals or corporations investing in our annual sponsorship program to support our agencies efforts to prevent BULLYING, SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND SEXUAL ASSAULT! All of these behaviors are rooted in the need for POWER and CONTROL.

In 2012, our agency developed and launched a new curriculum that teaches age appropriate, healthy relationship skills and bystander intervention techniques based on RESPECT and EQUALITY. "The EPIC Project ' challenges participants to “Be EPIC: Educated, Pro-Active, Influential, Changed”. We need your help to expand "The EPIC Project" curriculum to meet the overwhelming needs in our community!

Our EPIC Partners are leading the way to leave a legacy of EPIC social change in North Texas!

Download the EPIC Partner Program to review all the details and decide what level of investment suits your needs. Then click on the register now button to get started!

If you need additional information or would like to set up a meeting, please contact:
info@theturningpoint.org or call 972-985-0951.

WE LOVE our EPIC Partners and hope you will, too! Click on their logos to check out their products and services. We are confident they will become one of your favorites. Every click thru to EPIC Partner sites creates value for The Turning Point.