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Our ultimate goal is to prevent violence before it occurs. To accomplish this, we provide prevention presentations (education about bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault) to students across Collin County for over 20 years! 

The curriculum is a research-based sexual violence prevention program geared at empowering students to become agents of change. Students are challenged to be proactive when faced with the issues of bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

All of our age-appropriate education programming is delivered by a trained educator from The Turning Point for free!


Is Bullying Related to Sexual Violence?

YES! We provide education aimed at the prevention of bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault because the root cause of these three social problems is a need for power and control. We know that students who bully are more likely to engage in harassing behaviors down the road, and that almost half of middle school students have experienced verbal sexual harassment.

Our goal is to promote healthy, respectful behaviors that empower students to encourage equality in their school and community as early as possible. We promote social-emotional learning concepts to help students develop empathy and learn healthy ways of expressing emotions to prevent violence.


Our Program

The Turning Point presents to:

  Middle School:

  • Two class days of bullying and sexual harassment prevention education

  • Activities tailored to each grade level

  • Definitions of bullying and sexual harassment

  • Videos and activities around bystander intervention, empathy, and understanding how stereotypes influence violence


High School:

  • Four class days of sexual violence prevention education

  • Definitions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and consent—including what Texas law says about consent

  • Videos and activities around supporting survivors, bystander intervention, and understanding how stereotypes influence violence

Potential Topics for Customized Teacher/Administration trainings:

  • Gender role socialization

  • Supporting survivors and handling student disclosures of abuse

  • Modeling positive norms and behaviors

  • Creating school policies addressing prevention and response to bullying and sexual violence

  • How to talk to youth about sexual violence

  • Incorporating prevention messages into everyday conversations

Are Schools Required to Address These Issues?

YES! According to the Education Code for the State of Texas all schools are required to adopt programs which cover the education and prevention of bullying, sexual harassment and dating violence. Chapter 37 of the Education Code specifically addresses the importance of these programs as well of providing guidelines for what information should be covered. Education provided by The Turning Point Education Team not only meets the requirements and is offered to local schools free of charge.

For more information on how your school can become compliant, email us at

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