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Our education programs target teens and young adults and are offered in differing schools settings such as local middle schools, high schools and colleges. We know that teens and young adults are vulnerable populations. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, 44% of victims are under age 18 and girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.

In 2010, 40% of survivors that sought medical treatment for sexual assault in a Collin County hospital were 17 years of age or younger. While these statistics are alarming there is hope! We know that individuals in this age range are also the most developmentally capable and receptive to ideas that promote respectful attitudes and behaviors. All of our education opportunities focus on the primary prevention of bullying, sexual harassment and sexualized violence and are in compliance with state legal requirements.

Is Bullying Related to Sexualize Violence?

YES! The EPIC Project provides education aimed at the prevention of bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault because the root cause of these three social problems is a need for power and control. Our goal is to promote healthy, respectful behaviors that empower students to encourage equality in their school and community as early as possible. The idea is that we want students to learn the importance of respect and equality early on so that they do not progress to gaining a sense of power by choosing even more offensive behaviors such as sexual assault. The EPIC Project helps students learn healthy alternatives to violence for expressing when they feel emotions such as hurt, anger, and frustration. Overall, we want to make sure that our education takes into account the full picture of why sexual assault exists in our community so that we can take every step possible to eliminate it.

What is Primary Prevention?

Our ultimate goal is to stop violence before it begins. This is why we have formatted all of our education programs based on data approved by The Office of the Attorney General and The Center for Disease Control for providing prevention-based education to students. Primary Prevention Theory provides important framework for facilitating efforts of social change that are timely and effective. The Center for Disease Control states:

“Prevention strategies should include a continuum of activities that address multiple levels of the [Social Ecological] model. These activities should be developmentally appropriate and conducted across the lifespan. This approach is more likely to sustain prevention efforts over time than any single intervention.”

The Social Ecological Model (SEM) focuses on multiple levels of influence and proposes that behaviors are influenced by intrapersonal, societal, cultural and physical environment factors that work interdependently and not in isolation. The SEM provides structure for implementing prevention efforts across each level in order to collectively affect the individual, relationship, community and societal influences which contribute to sexualize violence.

In general, primary prevention education efforts:

The Turning Point Education Team believes that using a Primary Prevention approach best addresses the needs of our community while simultaneously promoting the change we so desperately need. The EPIC Project curriculum was designed to provide a Primary Prevention learning experience to middle and high school students in a relevant manner. Additional college presentations are offered under this framework and can be tailored to address specific factors and levels of change. If needed, college presentations can also specially designed to fit your education requirements.

Are Schools Required to Address These Issues?

YES! According to the Education Code for the State of Texas all schools are required to adopt programs which cover the education and prevention of bullying, sexual harassment and dating violence. Chapter 37 of the Education Code specifically addresses the importance of these programs as well of providing guidelines for what information should be covered. If you would like to learn more about these important laws check out these links:

Education provided by The Turning Point Education Team not only meets the above requirements but is offered to local schools


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