The EPIC Project

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The EPIC Project is a multilevel, structured sexual violence prevention series geared at empowering students to become agents of change. Students are challenged to “Be EPIC” or in other words to Be Educated, Pro-Active, Influential and Changed when faced with the issues of bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Throughout The EPIC Project middle school and high school students will be encouraged to consider the key components of Primary Prevention Theory through activities, group discussion and other means of interactive learning. By the end of the EPIC Project students will have been introduced to the key concepts of respect and equality. Additionally, students will learn practical skills, such as bystander intervention techniques, to decrease exposure to bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault, thus developing healthy, abuse-free relationships and communities.

Level #1: This level is offered as a one-time presentation.

Level #2: This level consists 2 options – A 2 presentation set or a 4 presentation set. These sessions can be offered throughout the school year or consecutively based on availability. These presentations are offered to a single classroom of students at a time.

Level #3: This level consists of multiple sessions typically offered over a 6 -10 week period. Level 3 is offered in a small group atmosphere to a select group of approximately 8-15 students, depending on the age.

Research has shown that the more times a student is exposed to prevention materials, the greater the change. Therefore we recommend scheduling at Level 2 or above. For more information about bringing The EPIC Project to your school check out our Scheduling Page. You can also email us with any questions at

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We understand that our education topics cover very sensitive subjects. The Turning Point Education Team takes this very seriously and we have placed a high value on tailoring topics according to the developmental stages of the target audience. Each level is structured and developed to cover the topics of bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault in an age-appropriate manner.

Middle School: The EPIC Project offers three different curriculums to students of this age range and is offered according to grade. Middle schools students are introduced to the topics of bullying and sexual harassment in different manners according to their grade. For example, 6th graders will receive more information about bullying while briefly addressing the issue of sexual harassment. When being challenged to “Be EPIC”, students are invited to consider the follow concepts:

High School: The EPIC Project offers one general curriculums to students of this age range which focusses primarily on developing healthy dating relationships. Students are given the legal definition of what constitutes sexual assault, prevention skills, as well as safety tips to how help a friend in an unhealthy relationship. When being challenged to “Be EPIC”, students are invited to consider the follow concepts: