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The Turning Point offers a variety of information and support services for family and friends of survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

Friends and Family Support Group (The purpose of this group is to provide education and support for friends and family of sexual assault or abuse survivors.)

If you are a loved one of a survivor, you may also be significantly traumatized by the survivor's victimization. You may experience a range of feelings from deep sadness to frustration and rage. You may not know how to support the survivor in the healing process. At The Turning Point, you will be provided with crucial information to help you be a positive support in the survivor’s life. You are also provided with necessary emotional support through your own healing journey.

The following are some suggestions for significant others to help as they support their loved one:
•Believe the survivor
•Listen, listen, listen often
•Comfort without taking control
•Reinforce that this is NOT the survivor’s fault no matter what the survivor did. The offender is responsible for the assault
•Offer safety - the survivor may need a place to stay or someone to stay with them
•Suggest calling a hotline or local crisis center
•Encourage the survivor to preserve evidence of the assault
•Get treatment for medical needs by going to a local emergency room if the assault occurred within the last 96 hours
•Help the survivor organize her/his thoughts and to make her/his own decisions on how to proceed
•Help the survivor re-establish feelings of self-worth
•Assist with getting any resources she/he wants: counseling, legal advice, etc.
•Be available – initiate contact and conversations
•Learn as much as you can about the long-range issues facing survivors of sexual assault
•Get help for yourself as well by calling a hotline or local sexual assault crisis center

Call (972)985-0951 Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, to schedule an appointment or inquire about groups.

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