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You're a go-getter, a change maker, and you want to use your talents to serve others. You stand strong in your beliefs, but are understanding of people who think differently. You don't shield your eyes from the problems of the world, but rather you let them compel you to serve others.  You are bold, imaginative, and anything but apathetic.

You know the statistics are overwhelming. You know the work is tough. You know the fight is long.



Volunteers like you are the pillars of our organization.

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"The most meaningful part of volunteering as a crisis advocate has been realizing that I don't have to "solve problems" or have perfect answers or solutions for people, but by simply being a positive presence and an empathetic listener, I can ease someone's pain and help them find their strength. It's a powerful and yet humbling experience."



Administrative Volunteers

Admin volunteers maintain a weekly or bi-weekly schedule during which they provide general office help. Volunteers can assist with day-to-day duties or use their skills and talents to take on special projects.​


Outreach Volunteers

Outreach volunteers represent our organization at health and volunteer fairs by fostering awareness about sexual assault and providing information to the community about our impact in the community and the services we offer.


Special Event Volunteers

These volunteers help with our big events that happen throughout the year. If you don’t have time to give regularly, this is a great way to stay involved. 

Fundraising Volunteers

As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit agency, the financial support of the community is very beneficial to ensure we can continue the services we offer the community and grow and evolve as our community grows. Fundraising efforts are ongoing and volunteers are a much needed part of those efforts.​

Volunteer Advocate

Being an advocate is one of the most critical roles we need to fill. You can be an advocate for survivors of sexual violence through our 24-Hour Crisis Hotline or through Hospital Advocacy. Help reduce the trauma a survivor experiences from sexual violence by providing unbiased emotional support and information to survivors, family members, and friends. Help survivors understand their choices and support them in selecting their options. It is important that phone or hospital advocates responding to victims of sexual violence present themselves in a non-judgmental and supportive manner, suggesting options but allowing the victim to decide what course of action to take.​

  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline Advocate 

         Advocates provide crisis intervention, emotional support, and resources over the phone to anyone who calls our                           24/7 hotline.

  • Hospital Advocate

        Advocates support survivors of sexual violence as they accompany survivors at the hospital through the forensic exam,            connect survivors and their loved ones to trauma informed services and resources, and advocate for the survivor’s best          interest. Note: Our contracts with hospitals require hospital advocates to have the flu and COVID vaccines.** 


If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our online volunteer application. Phone interviews will be scheduled upon receipt of the application. Comprehensive 40-hour volunteer training is provided by The Turning Point, and training sessions are scheduled throughout the year. Interviews and background checks are mandatory before participation in training. 

2024 Advocacy Training Dates:

                January 16 - February 1

                April 16 - May 2

                August 13 - August 29

                October 8 - October 24

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