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Join us to build a safer and more compassionate community free from sexual violence.


Every person plays a critical role in shaping a future free from sexual violence. The Turning Point is committed to equipping community members of all ages, from youth to college students and beyond, with the knowledge and skills to create a healthier, safer environment for everyone. 

Through our outreach and workshop programs, we help individuals cultivate healthy relationships, build resilience, and start conversations to create change. To find out more about our outreach presentations and workshops, please click on the link below. 

We invite you to be a part of this journey, where knowledge becomes action and prevention becomes a reality. Discover how you can contribute to building a safer future and a healthier community by exploring our outreach and education opportunities below.

We are happy to tailor or create a presentation or workshop to meet your specific needs. Here are topics that we can address

Youth-Focused Education and Workshops

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Building Resilience

  • Media Literacy/Online Safety

  • Empowered Bystanders

  • Creating a Consent Culture

  • Bullying/Sexual Harassment

Parents, Caregivers, and other Youth-Serving Adults

  • On-line Safety

  • Principles of building healthy relationships

  • How to talk to youth about sexual violence and other tough subjects

  • Incorporating prevention messages into everyday conversations


College and University

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Stalking

  • Media Messages

  • Supporting Survivors

  • Advocating for Policy Change

Faith Communities and Civic Organizations

  • Building Healthy Relationships

  • Tips for Fostering Communication

  • Supporting Survivors and their families

  • Sexual Violence 101

  • Creating Safe Spaces

  • Empowered Bystanders

Business Community

  • Creating a Culture of Respect

  • Supporting Survivors

  • Workplace Policies and Procedures

Medical, Law Enforcement, and other Professionals

  • Sexual Violence 101

  • Trauma informed care

  • Human Trafficking

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