“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.” 

Bessel van der Kolk

In the wake of trauma, physical and emotional safety in relationship often feels elusive.  As a survivor, you may even be wondering if safe connections are still possible.  You may ask yourself questions like, “Will this really be safe?”  “Is there anyone out there who could possibly understand what I am feeling right now?”  “Will my therapist be able to handle what I have been through?”


Our number one priority is to be a safe place for relational connection. We whole-heartedly believe the intersection between vulnerability and safe connection is where deep healing can be found.  You may have viewed yourself through a single lens, the lens of your trauma, for a very long time.  You may feel trapped in the memories of what you endured.  And you very possibly believe if you were ever to allow yourself to feel the depth of your emotions, you would never be able to stop the pain.  We are specially trained to help you process the overwhelming pain of sexual trauma.  We are well-versed in trauma-focused care, are EMDR-trained, and have received master’s or doctoral level training.  And most importantly, we are compassionate and kind.


Together, we will gently explore your pain.  We will follow your lead and move at a pace that is comfortable for you.  When you begin to open up about your experience(s), you will discover we aren’t afraid of hard stuff, tough questions, or seemingly unending struggles.  No two paths to healing look exactly the same.  And while your post-traumatic journey will be uniquely yours, it will always be one of self-discovery, empowerment, and restoration.  


The first step in this journey of healing is often the hardest.  And while it is the hardest, it is also a personal turning point where you find hope, connection, and healing.  By reaching out, you are taking the hardest step.  We are here.  We are ready to join you on a post-traumatic journey toward healing that is unique to you.


All of our services are provided at no cost to you.  If you are 13 years of age or older and you are a survivor of sexual violence, we have individual and group counseling available for you.  We also offer sessions for your friends and family members who have been impacted by the sexual violence you have experienced.

To find out more about any of our counseling services at The Turning Point, contact us at (972) 985-0951

Upcoming Groups

  • Trauma through the Body

  • Rising Resilience

    • Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm beginning October 5th

    • RSVP:

    • Rising Resilience is a psychoeducational support group for those interested in learning more about trauma and the healing power of connection to others.

  • Mindful Self-Compassion

  • Lunch ‘N Layne

    • Thursdays from Noon to 1pm beginning October 7th

    • RSVP:

    • Lunch ‘N Layne is a support group for parents of survivors.  

  • Process Group

    • Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm (running currently)

    • RSVP:

    • Process Group requirements: seeing a therapist in conjunction with attending group

  • Recognizing and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

    • Fridays from 4:30pm to 5:30 pm beginning October 22nd

    • RSVP:

    • This group will explore ways to find truth and healing from this destructive type of abuse.

  • Expressive Arts

  • Prerequisite:  Intake assessment

  • Please contact us for questions or to schedule an intake. 

All of our services are free