BLACK LIVES MATTER: A letter from our Executive Director

"The Turning Point Rape Crisis Center has a 37- year history of serving those impacted by sexual violence in our community and as such, have advocated for survivors against what has been an acceptable victimization and devaluation of women and vulnerable populations. For decades, as we have stood beside and believed survivors of sexual violence, we have endeavored to educate the population of the risk factors that lead to all forms of violence so now, we stand beside all persons of color who have been systemically devalued, oppressed and victimized by the vary systems that purport to serve and protect us all.


Admittedly, there are inherent good and evil in all walks of life, in all people, but we all, as a community and a country, must recognize the truths and put down our prejudices, fears and egos, and recognize that a transformation in our systems and country must happen and happen now.  Even if we do not or cannot understand the challenges and struggles of people of color, we can still empathize and believe that their life experiences are vastly different than those of us blessed with the white privilege we did not earn, but were born into and for whom so many take for granted.


I, myself, as a very white and privileged female, struggle to address this issue, feeling as though I have no right to speak out against what I cannot fathom.  But, at the very least, I am a human being. A person gifted with compassion and sensitivity working against injustices and victimization every day.  If I don’t stand up for the systemic persecution of those who day after day are discriminated against, beaten, disproportionately jailed, detained at our borders, excluded from higher education, and denied the opportunity to participate in our election system, then I am no better than those who beat, discriminate against and oppress.


This is the civil rights of our times. To all my employees of color, I stand with you. To all persons of color, The Turning Point stands with you. Black lives DO MATTER."



Wendy Hanna


Wendy Hanna

Executive Director

The Turning Point

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Plano, TX 75023

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