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Individual Counseling

The Turning Point provides individual therapy at no cost to survivors over the age of 12 who are victims of any form of sexual violence.

For survivors, it is not uncommon to develop various levels of difficulty in personal and social relationships. Trauma symptoms may also include difficulty trusting, isolation or withdrawal, various degrees of depression and anxiety, aggression, truancy and poor performance at school or work. In more severe cases, suicidal thoughts or attempts may become prevalent.

If you are interested in counseling, please call to schedule your initial assessment session with one of our counselors. Our purpose is to help you discover your strengths so that you may begin to experience healing in a supportive environment.

Group Counseling

The Turning Point offers a variety of therapeutic and support groups.

Groups Offered at The Turning Point​

  • Coping Skills Group for Females (Participants will learn 1-2 coping skills each week, while experiencing support from the group in implementing these new skills into daily living.)

  • Friends and Family Support Group (The purpose of this group is to provide education and support for friends and family of sexual assault or abuse survivors.)

Call (972) 985-0951 Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, to schedule an appointment or inquire about groups.

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