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Courtney’s SAFE Place: A Sanctuary for Survivors

Outside image of courtney's safe place

Courtney Underwood, the visionary behind Courtney's SAFE Place, faced a horrific experience when she was raped at knife-point by her pastor. Struggling through an ill-equipped Parkland Hospital with an 8-hour wait for medical attention, she resolved to change the system. In 2013, Courtney founded The SANE Initiative, a powerful step toward her later accomplishment, Courtney’s SAFE Place. Nestled in the heart of North Texas, Courtney's SAFE Place stands as a beacon for survivors of sexual assault as The Turning Point's dedicated forensic clinic providing sexual assault forensic exams (SAFE). The clinic provides round-the-clock trauma-informed care and exams, ensuring that survivors receive unwavering support and compassionate care, even in their most challenging circumstances.

Unlike other counties, Courtney’s SAFE Place eliminates the need for sexual assault survivors to navigate the challenges of hospitals and endure long waits in emergency rooms. This specially designed clinic offers a calm and supportive atmosphere in the same building where survivors can access trauma counseling services. The emphasis at Courtney’s is on restoring control to survivors – they choose the extent of the forensic exam, and consent is sought at every step. 

Opening Day Ceremony of Courtney's Safe Place

Since its ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 13th, 2018, Courtney’s SAFE Place has been a lifeline for more than 650 survivors who have sought its services. The clinic and its staff pride themselves on their commitment to providing sexual assault forensic exams without the burden of financial stress. Survivors are not presented with a bill; instead, they receive compassionate care, unwavering support, and a renewed sense of empowerment as they navigate their path toward healing. 

Quote from Amy Chennault about working at Courtney's safe Place

Behind the scenes, The Turning Point’s forensic nursing team comprises 13 compassionate professionals who bring trauma-informed care to every forensic exam. Their commitment extends across Collin County and Dallas County hospitals, collaborating with medical institutions like Children’s Medical Center, Baylor Scott & White, Texas Health Resources, and more, in addition to Courtney’s SAFE Place. These forensic nurses, certified by The Office of the Attorney General of Texas, showcase a level of dedication that goes beyond a job – for many, it's a wholehearted commitment and profound passion for aiding survivors.

Their collective efforts have resulted in approximately 2,500 forensic exams since 2019, contributing significantly to the healing journey of survivors across the DFW Area. In a world where compassion meets expertise, Courtney’s SAFE Place stands tall, offering survivors not just an exam but a lifeline, reminding them that healing is possible and that they are not alone. 


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