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Enhancing Trauma-Informed Response: Insights from Our Recent Training

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

At The Turning Point Rape Crisis Center, we're on a mission to empower North Texas with the knowledge and compassion needed to respond effectively to trauma survivors. We're excited to share the highlights from our recent "Trauma-Informed: A Multidisciplinary Response" training held on August 29, a cross-discipline event that provided skills and education for our dedicated North Texas first responders.


The Survivor's Journey: Dr. Lavinia Masters, a Turning Point board member and survivor advocate, shared her own survivor story and the impact of first responders on her experience. Participants delved into the survivor's perspective, gaining profound insights that foster empathy and understanding.

Multidisciplinary Perspective: The training offered specialized sessions catering to law enforcement, dispatchers, Fire/EMS professionals, and medical professionals. These sessions provided practical tools for implementing trauma-informed practices within various community roles along with continuing education credits.

Unified Response: We emphasized the power of collaboration and coordination across first responder disciplines when addressing trauma survivors. Our closing session featured an inspirational address from Chief Timothy Mock, former fire chief and EMS professional who shared his personal experiences and insights engaging with individuals experiencing trauma.

This event, co-sponsored by local hospitals and Collin College, reached beyond traditional law enforcement to emphasize the importance of all first responders. We're committed to creating a trauma-informed North Texas community that supports all individuals facing trauma. Whether you're a caregiver, community leader, concerned citizen, or one of our dedicated first responders, follow us to learn about tools and training for building a more compassionate and responsive society right here in North Texas.

For more information about our law enforcement training program, please contact Brian Pfahning, our law enforcement training manager at

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