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SAAM - So What's It All About Anyway?

Updated: Apr 26

We have been talking about SAAM for weeks, so by now you probably know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). But, what does that mean? SAAM is a time to deepen our understanding of sexual violence prevention, stand in solidarity with survivors, and foster a culture of consent and respect. April is not just the fourth month of the year, but it's a time to challenge yourself to listen to the voices of those who are impacted by sexual violence, educate your social group, and even advocate for change.

Sexual assault knows no boundaries—it impacts individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, disproportionately affecting marginalized communities, minors, and the elderly, as well as those with limited access to power. The statistics are alarming, revealing the urgent need for awareness and action. In Texas, two in five women and one in five men have experienced sexual assault. Shockingly, the age group between 12 and 34 years old faces the highest risk, with 80% of victims under 30 years of age. Remember, these numbers are not just statistics; they represent real people whose lives have been forever altered by violence.

Recognizing SAAM goes beyond acknowledging the prevalence of sexual assault; it's about acknowledging the resilience of survivors and the importance of supporting them. Survivors deserve to be believed, validated, and provided with unwavering support. By standing with survivors, we create a safe space for healing and empowerment. SAAM also serves as a platform to advocate for consent education and healthy relationships. We can foster a culture where consent is more than a buzzword; it's a foundational part of how we relate to one another. Education is key in preventing sexual violence, and SAAM provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in meaningful discussions and initiatives aimed at change.

As we commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month, let's take concrete actions for change. This includes amplifying survivor voices, challenging harmful attitudes, and working towards a future free from sexual violence. Join our #TealTheTown campaign by creatively displaying teal ribbons throughout our community. Share your efforts with us on Instagram @theturningpointrcc. Teal ribbons are available for pickup at The Turning Point Plano office until 04/26/2024.

Let's make a difference together!

This blog was a contribution from Asli Strong-King, M.A. LPC-A Staff Therapist, offering valuable insights and expertise on Navigating Healing Spaces and Cultivating Community.

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