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Empowering Teens to Build Healthy Relationships

stop sign saying stop teen violence

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and The Turning Point is joining the nationwide effort to raise awareness. Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime, and studies have shown that teen dating violence (TDV) affects millions of young people in the United States. This form of violence can occur in person, online, or through technology by a current or former partner. TDV can have profound and lasting impacts on lifelong physical and mental health, relationships, and opportunities. The good news is violence is preventable, and we can all help young people grow up violence-free. 

Resources for Understanding TDV & Healthy Relationships

The following websites, organizations, and training are key resources for understanding TDV, knowing the signs, and providing support and guidance.

  • This comprehensive resource offers information on healthy relationships, signs of abuse, safety planning, and a 24/7 helpline for teens. 

  • One Love Foundation: Focused on promoting healthy relationships and empowering young people to identify and avoid abuse. One Love provides educational resources and tools for recognizing signs of unhealthy relationships. 

  • Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention: This free online course is for educators and others working with youth. 


Remember: Together we can stop Teen Dating Violence!

Check out the tips and resources for specific groups:

Tips for Parents & Caregivers

Tips for Educators

Tips for Teens

Types of abuse


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